Hi. My name is Kate Wallace and I'm a photographer, graphic designer, and writer.

I went to the College of Saint Benedict for a liberal studies major with an emphasis on graphic design. Three years later I decided that wasn't enough and got a master's degree in mass communications.

I like the creative side of logistics. There are many times when I identify with being a left-brainer, then there are other times when I completely understand the right side of my brain. I may not be a very innovative graphic artist, but I am definitely a graphic designer. I love to write creative non-fiction and revel in the rules of punctuation and spelling. Photography combines the artistic and the logistics in everything about it.

Take a look; have a peek; chance a glance.

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half a loaf

A year after I graduated from St. Ben's, my supervisor at the writing center contacted me about putting together a cookbook she'd been working on for a while. She came up with the recipes for using the other half of the loaf of Johnny bread that the monks at St. John's make. The loaf is so big that you can't eat it all before it goes bad. I took the photos throughout the book and did the layout.

  • Half a Loaf
  • Half a Loaf
  • Half a Loaf