Hi. My name is Kate Wallace and I'm a photographer, graphic designer, and writer.

I went to the College of Saint Benedict for a liberal studies major with an emphasis on graphic design. Three years later I decided that wasn't enough and got a master's degree in mass communications.

I like the creative side of logistics. There are many times when I identify with being a left-brainer, then there are other times when I completely understand the right side of my brain. I may not be a very innovative graphic artist, but I am definitely a graphic designer. I love to write creative non-fiction and revel in the rules of punctuation and spelling. Photography combines the artistic and the logistics in everything about it.

Take a look; have a peek; chance a glance.

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rosemary labels
A couple years ago I decided to handmake all my Christmas presents. I had delusions of grandeur when I wanted to make some rosemary oil and bottle it for gifts. I got ahead of myself, buying bottles and labeling them, then was crushed when I discovered mold in the bottom of my oil jars. Ah well. Next time I attempt this, I'll be ready.