Hi. My name is Kate Wallace and I'm a photographer, graphic designer, and writer.

I went to the College of Saint Benedict for a liberal studies major with an emphasis on graphic design. Three years later I decided that wasn't enough and got a master's degree in mass communications.

I like the creative side of logistics. There are many times when I identify with being a left-brainer, then there are other times when I completely understand the right side of my brain. I may not be a very innovative graphic artist, but I am definitely a graphic designer. I love to write creative non-fiction and revel in the rules of punctuation and spelling. Photography combines the artistic and the logistics in everything about it.

Take a look; have a peek; chance a glance.

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Like writing, I can trace my interest in photography back to my childhood. I'm not sure of the age, but at some point I was at a garage sale with my aunt and found what I assume today is a Kodak Ektra, complete with a couple cartridges of Kodak 110 film. While my financial lifestyle never quite kept up with my film-use lifestyle, I managed to get some pictures developed. For my thirteenth birthday, my parents and aunt and uncle gifted me with Minolta point-and-shoot film camera. It was glorious, and I took photos of the most inane things. It lasted me quite a while, but was dropped one too many times and was out of commission. I purchased another Minolta when I was 18, and kept it close until I bought my first digital camera - another Minolta (my father is a Minolta fan, which will illuminate my necessity to have a Minolta). The technology progressed and so did my skill. With the advent of digital cameras, I no longer had to worry about my financial lifestyle affecting the amount of film I went through. I was soon outpacing the camera, and I looked into buying an SLR. Five years ago I purchased my Canon 30D, which still serves me well, along with my arsenal of lenses I have amassed.

My photography is pretty much amateur-aspring-for-professional work. I have shot a couple wedings, engagement photos, and headshots, but haven't quite made the leap to "professional." I enjoy macro-esque photos and bringing out the bokeh. I took a couple photography classes in college and also shot some photos for the yearbook in high school. Consequently, I know my way around a darkroom.

I really enjoy post-processing work in Photoshop and finding out how to make my photography better. I find digital photography to be a forgiving science. My Etsy shop is good indicator of the kind of photography I like to do.

One of the freelance projects I've taken up recently is volunteering marketing skills at a local food and art co-op. They needed someone to handle marketing on the art side (food is taken care of), and I am that person. I just started, but I will be thinking up events, designing flyers and advertisements, writing copy, and photographing anything that needs photographing. I am excited about this because it combines everything I do and I can learn as I go.

I do have a few albums of photos that aren't available on my portfolio page that are more "people" photography. Take a look!