Hi. My name is Kate Wallace and I'm a photographer, graphic designer, and writer.

I went to the College of Saint Benedict for a liberal studies major with an emphasis on graphic design. Three years later I decided that wasn't enough and got a master's degree in mass communications.

I like the creative side of logistics. There are many times when I identify with being a left-brainer, then there are other times when I completely understand the right side of my brain. I may not be a very innovative graphic artist, but I am definitely a graphic designer. I love to write creative non-fiction and revel in the rules of punctuation and spelling. Photography combines the artistic and the logistics in everything about it.

Take a look; have a peek; chance a glance.

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dock work

Lakes bring to mind hazy, hot summer afternoons when the air is so thick that you can’t do anything, so you quit what you are doing, and with the new time slot, the hole in the day, there is nothing to do but go to the lake to cool off. Lakes bring to mind lake rafts and water sluicing off your body as you haul yourself up the ladder to jump off cannonball style once again. Lakes bring to mind a relentless sun that doesn’t let up on the heat. Lake bring to mind a flat, glassy surface on a lake that is broken by your body plunging into the deep. Lakes bring to mind cold cans of pop or glasses of iced tea or water where the condensation makes it hard to bring the drink to your lips. Lakes bring to mind sandy swimsuits and sun-bleached hair and your toes sinking into sand beaches.

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