Hi. My name is Kate Wallace and I'm a photographer, graphic designer, and writer.

I went to the College of Saint Benedict for a liberal studies major with an emphasis on graphic design. Three years later I decided that wasn't enough and got a master's degree in mass communications.

I like the creative side of logistics. There are many times when I identify with being a left-brainer, then there are other times when I completely understand the right side of my brain. I may not be a very innovative graphic artist, but I am definitely a graphic designer. I love to write creative non-fiction and revel in the rules of punctuation and spelling. Photography combines the artistic and the logistics in everything about it.

Take a look; have a peek; chance a glance.

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I remember being four years old and watching my mom writing her slanted, pointy writing up and down on yellow legal pads. Instead of wanting to learn to read, I wanted to learn to write. Since then, I've had a love affair with writing. I came so close to being an English major at the College of Saint Benedict, yet went the design route and minored in creative writing. When I went back to St. Cloud State University for a master's degree, I chose mass communications, although I did take a couple English classes to supplement the theory, ethics, and methods classes. If ever I were to get a Ph.D., I do believe I would finally pin down English.

While at St. Ben's, I took a manaagement class where the adjunct instructor was married to the director of the writing center at the college. After reading my final paper for the class, he pulled me aside one day and told me, "Hey, you write well." It was the first time someone had actually TOLD me that. He had shown the paper to his wife and recommended I be hired by the writing center. So began my love affair with editing. I spent two years at the writing center and loved every minute of it - even days when I left with my head pounding over a 20-page biology report.

After graduating, I got hired by a small weekly newspaper in the same small town as the college, where I my title was the graphic designer. Soon after, I revealed that I had taken a fair share of journalism classes, and soon the St. Joseph city council meetings became my "beat." I also covered a few local events and wrote a few opinon columns for the newspaper. In addition, I proofread the newspapers every Wednesday, the biggest offender being the misuse of "that" versus "who."

Meanwhile, I kept a pretty steady blog, where, besides the usual daily drivel, I actually wrote a few essays reminscing about my childhood, current experiences, and social issues. While creative fiction was what I fluttered toward in my youth, in my old age I've become quite attached to creative non-fiction.

Professionally, writing took a minor break while I was a marketing coordinator at Northwest Supply; however, I maintained my skills and editing abilities through some freelance projects for my mom, editing large manuals and websites.

Once hired as a graduate assistant while aspiring toward my master's degree, I requested to have some copywriting as part of the position. The supervisor obliged, and I was tasked with gathering and editing copy for the school of business website. I interviewed, collected, gathered, and edited. I was also in charge of making sure the daily newsbites on the SCSU website were updated - I condensed a long article into two sentences or less and posted to the main news page.

After graduating with my master's degree, I was hired at Merrill Communications where a drought of professional writing again ensued. Recently, however, I volunteered to be one of the three people who proofread copy that comes in for auctioneer flyers, which range anywhere from a front-and-back postcard to an 8-page mailing piece. Proofreading these has become a bright spot in my days

One of the freelance projects I've taken up recently is volunteering marketing skills at a local food and art co-op. They needed someone to handle marketing on the art side (food is taken care of), and I am that person. I just started, but I will be thinking up events, designing flyers and advertisements, writing copy, and photographing anything that needs photographing. I am excited about this because it combines everything I do and I can learn as I go..

I continue to blog, and anytime someone has need of writing, proofreading, or editing in my circle of family and friends, I am the first person called. I think that it's not just the skill and adherence to a basic set of rules that alerts them to my abilities - it's also that I enjoy it. A lot.